Welcome to my writing website, always being updated to try & make it even more better than it was before! Making websites is very new to me but I’m learning as I go along, so please bear with me as I do :D

Okay, a little about me now, I have been writing for as long as I can remember….I started, when I could basically hold a pen! I loved writing, writing stories was my best point which I basically started when I was severely bullied at school, and when I had got safely home, I would write my experiences down on paper and write in my own words how it could be fixed and so my love of writing and fiction began. So in some ways, ironically being bullied probably enhanced my love of writing through writing down the experience and then how I maybe could over come it. It enabled me to escape into my little world, a place of sanctuary for me till I felt I was strong enough and ready to come back out and face reality. I also began to have a coping mechanism, which is maybe a way to describe it, where, even when I wasn’t in the house, my imaginary characters came with me too.

The quote below is from a fellow writer from her own website – Joanne Phillips – and I thought it was a perfect description.

So how come I’m a novelist?
I developed a love of writing early on, when I would retreat into imaginary conversations to avoid reality.



(To be continued)



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